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Socks Nose Work Pet Toy

Socks Nose Work Pet Toy

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Sizing and washing instructions

Please refer to the picture (if available) for the size chart. The recommended weight is for reference only.

Cleaning: Choose the corresponding cleaning method according to different materials. For plastic toys, wash them with warm water and soap, then rinse them with clean water. For plush toys, you can gently wipe the surface with a wet towel and then air dry.

Disinfection: Use disinfectant or hot water to disinfect the product. It is recommended to use special pet disinfectant.

Note: Check the product regularly for damaged parts, find out the problematic parts and repair or replace them

繼紙巾後,襪子一定是毛孩第二最愛^. .^ ੭
這個還是三件組合套裝 可以慢慢玩啦~

✨ 藏食空間 Get .ᐟ.ᐟ
✨ 有趣的嗅聞減壓藏食遊戲
✨ 減低焦慮,集中注意力,增強信心
✨ 沙沙聲
✨ 100% 韓國官方直送

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