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Smile Flower Pet Bed (Adjustable)

Smile Flower Pet Bed (Adjustable)

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Sizing and washing instructions

Please refer to the picture (if available) for the size chart. The recommended weight is for reference only.

Cleaning: Choose the corresponding cleaning method according to different materials. For plastic toys, wash them with warm water and soap, then rinse them with clean water. For plush toys, you can gently wipe the surface with a wet towel and then air dry.

Disinfection: Use disinfectant or hot water to disinfect the product. It is recommended to use special pet disinfectant.

Note: Check the product regularly for damaged parts, find out the problematic parts and repair or replace them

Shipping policy

In stock: dispatched in 1-3 working days

Pre-ordering products: 14-21 working days (logistics may be delayed due to the epidemic)

* If there are both in-stock and pre-ordered products in one order, we will wait for all products to arrive and send them out together. If you want to receive the spot goods first, please contact us.

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柔軟舒適 親膚面料.ᐟ‪‪‪.ᐟ‪‪‪
內置扣子設計~可開可合自由調節角度(՞ ܸ. .ܸ՞)︎♡
底部配有防滑設計 睡得更安心啦

✨ 超可愛的花花造型
✨ 貓犬可用
✨ 扣子設計 可自由調節弧度
✨ 床墊可分拆及拆洗
✨ 大毛孩也適合 闊550 mm
✨ 100% 韓國直送

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